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CMWorld Session Recap: How to Market Your Content Offsite

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How to Market Your Content Offsite and Why It’s Critical to Get It Right. The presenter is Chad Zimmerman, the co-founder and president of STACK Media, a digital sports media site.

Market Content Offsite at Content Marketing World


DESCRIPTION: Creating great content is only half the battle.  Off-site marketing and on-site funneling are the next and essential steps of the process that turn great content into new customers and greater revenue.


      • How to use and optimize content marketing tools like Outbrain, Taboola, Disqus, nRelate, Gravity, etc. to amplify content and bring new users to your site faster.
      • Strategies for on-site funneling and calls to action to get more info from new users such as email addresses and site registrations to drive more value from your content and marketing efforts.
      • Leveraging display retargeting tools like AdRoll and Google Remarketing to bring back users that previously visited your site to drive more conversions.



We’re talking paid discovery. Tools like Taboola, nRelate, Outbrain, Gravity and AdBlade. Zimmerman goes through a small intro to the networks, mentions the pros of paid discovery networks: drive targeted content, good content gets shared, opportunity to sell or promote additional content once on site, and drive profitable campaign at scale

Stack started using these networks to hit KPIs such as ad impression and email signups. To be successful you have to know what your goals are, your KPIs, how will you measure performance and define success, and how to go about starting to testing?

For paid discovery, make sure that your headlines and thumbnails are optimal — these are critical to the success of the campaign. Most services will allow you to have as many headlines as you’d like. Test and try out different 20+ headlines to better engage audiences.

What I found the most useful during the session, from my experience and understanding, was this slide featuring hacks (or best practices):

paid discovery hacks slide CMWorld

On Site Funnelling Content Marketing World

SUMMARY: Short session, a couple neat tidbits. Could have been gone a lot more in-depth in previous experience and examples.

Some other neat tidbits:

  • Start with higher CPC
  • Set up content based on mobile vs. desktop.
  • Retarget the users!
  • As your CPC goes up, the more the networks will display your content.
  • Timing matters — beginning of quarter is best to test, as end of quarter money increases inventory.
  • created military content for national guard, 10x increase in military form submissions via Display Retargeting
  • ON SITE FUNNELLING floating email signup increased signups 1000x
  • ON SITE FUNNELLING Add forms to onsite content
  • ON SITE FUNNELLING retargeting

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