Best of East Village: Lin’s Laundry

After finding myself without my own washer and dryer for the first time in almost a decade, I quickly discovered the luxury of having one’s laundry sent out and delivered.

Always friendly, always a good price, and always on point, Lin’s Laundry was the first laundry delivery service I tried in New York (thanks Yelp) and won’t likely stray from them.

From the woman that always answers the phone, “Hello honey!” and “Ok, honey” are a constant, to the always smiling delivery/pickup guy that comes by (despite having to carry a heavy load of laundry up/down stairs), the team at Lin’s have always been consistently friendly. And without fail, they always arrive earlier to pick up and drop off than the estimated time given on the phone.

And their work has been great; my clothes, towels, socks, undies, and pants are separated, folded, and packed tight into an efficient rectangular cube ready to be taken from the package right into the dresser drawer.

The cost is more than reasonable considering the time, effort, and folding that goes into the work. Depending on how long I wait between loads (generally every few weeks), the price has fallen between $15 and $25 every time. Outside of a couple missing pillowcases and socks, I can’t recommend Lin’s Laundry enough.

Lin Laundry Mat
194 1st Ave # 1, New York, NY 10009
Phone:(212) 253-0763

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