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Is the MTA adding entrances to the L Train at Avenue A?

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For selfish reasons, I think there should be a TRAIN STATION at Avenue C or D, but I welcome the news that MTA is looking to extend the 1st Avenue entrance to the L train to Avenue A. Riders would still have to walk over to 1st Avenue to catch the L, but having a second entry/exit makes things less congested and a lot easier (especially in winter).

Due to increased ridership on the L train over the last couple decades (which has doubled since 1998), the MTA is seeking funds to open a new entry way to the 1st Avenue station via Avenue A which will double the station’s size to match the increased number of riders.

This is already after the MTA boosted L train service significantly this year that saw 8 more round trips on weekdays, and four more round trips on weekends.

In addition to the new entrances/exits, the MTA is looking to increase how many trains run that route. With the East Village and Brooklyn being two destinations that have blown up recently, it makes sense. From DNA Info:

Major improvements to the train system’s infrastructure would allow the MTA to run two more trains per hour, increasing service by 10 percent and serving 2,200 more people, the authority said.

My biggest frustration with the L has always been waiting for the train anytime after midnight. Especially when in Brooklyn coming back to Manhattan. When I’m in Manhattan, I usually am too impatient to wait and jump on the bus instead of waiting the (10-25) minutes.

With the extra L trains and extending the station further east, I’m much more likely to use L in the future. Too bad it sounds like it’s 3-5 years away.

The plan will also impact the Bedford Avenue station in Brooklyn.

Funds would also go toward adding two new street stairs on the east side of Bedford Avenue for the subway stop, where average weekday entries have increased by 250 percent since 1998

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