What’d you expect when you let Kenya bring a bullhorn to the RHOA reunion?

Haha haha, HAHAHA I loved how Porsha dragged (drugged?) Kenya across the floor in tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Yes, I did love it. 

Yes, I justify being dragged across the set by their hair when they knowingly go into an already tense situation, knowing that if any castmates get violent that there will be repercussions, and knowingly take advantage of that situation by being EXTRA provocative.

Yes, I do.

Cowards that are so confident nothing will happen to them that they go in being as much of a clown, as much as an ass, hitting below the belt, manipulating, lying, pointing a wand in the castmates’ faces, and bringing in a megaphone so only they can be heard. They do this because they KNOW that the ladies can’t and won’t respond in kind.

Yes, Kenya brought a bullhorn and scepter to the reunion. Here’s a photo of a generic megaphone and wand so you don’t have to visualize it.

bullhorn and scepter

What do you think Kenya’s intent was with these items?  Do you think Kenya just came up with the idea right before the reunion? Or do you think she wanted to one up her fan prop from last year?

All this acting up in the name of selfishly continuing your own limited career.

Kenya’s not respecting anyone as a human being at that point. Hiding behind the idea that they’re only words and nothing should resort to physical altercation? Bullshit. You deserve being humiliated in the way you intended, and schemed to humiliate them, and in a manner you would understand because it’s clear that words aren’t enough for you to get it.

Kenya speaks over Porsha with megaphone
Oh, right. This was going to end up civil.

Andy Cohen (and Bravo), you fucking dirtbag fuck, pretending to be above it all and talking down to Porsha for her actions; strongly telling her to apologize to Kenya. Fuck you and fuck that.

Porsha was clearly being pushed to the limits by Kenya pointing and waving her magic wand at her and shouting through a bullhorn directly at her so she couldn’t be heard.  At your reunion show.

If Bravo had no idea that Kenya brought the props on, then they shouldn’t have allowed it after they realized that she revealed them. Instead Andy and team decided “Oh this is good. Let’s see where this goes…”

You sat there smiling and laughing until there was screaming and crying. And now you’re regretful, shocked and want apologies?  [Update] Now you ban props from future reunions? Way to set that bar!

I hope Porsha chooses not to apologize. Kenya deserved every inch of the cold floor she was pulled across and more. It’s what she deserved by being a coward and manipulating the situation. If it didn’t come to a head this reunion, could you imagine what she would have brought to the next get together?

oh shit.
oh shit.
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