David Letterman vs. Leno, Madonna, Joaquin Phoenix

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I love David Letterman. Six months in New York and I just realized that I could watch the Late Show with David Letterman live.

(Ticket request submitted.)

Earlier this month, Jay Leno left the Tonight Show and it was big news with traditional media. I get it, you have to cover it, but the truth is, despite 22 years in the chair, Leno won’t be missed.

Not by me at least. It’s “What’s there to miss?” the guy dutifully did his job. There was nothing earth-shattering nor memorable about his tenure — he didn’t take the Tonight Show to another level, nothing to further comedy. Not much changed from his first show to his last.

As the New York Times put it:

Mr. Leno’s emotional last bow was poignant not because he is a legendary figure who can never be replaced, but because he is the nice guy who worked really hard, did a great job and will barely be missed come Monday morning.

Leno’s leaving reminded me how much I love David Letterman.

Letterman making a point

Madonna on Letterman

Letterman with Madonna, Sandra Bernhard

Letterman calls out Leno

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