Grace Lee Boggs has given so much of herself. Now she needs our help.

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Grace Lee Boggs has given all her life and now needs our help.

The 99-year old Detroit-based Asian American social activist is in hospice care that requires up to $8,000 a month for her long-term care. Boggs has nearly depleted all of her personal funds, so friends and allies have established a fund to help pay for 24 hour care.

We are writing to ask for your support in keeping Grace Lee Boggs in her home in Detroit as she makes her final transition. As you are well aware, Grace is now 99, and has devoted her life to the struggle to stretch our humanity. Like her partner Jimmy Boggs, she has done so with minimal regard for personal advancement or riches.

Grace has always put the needs of others before her own. But now she is in need of your support. In September 2014, Grace went into hospice care. Over the last month she has become stronger, and it seems will be with us for much longer. She has been welcoming old friends and keeping up on world events. Still, she requires 24-hour care.

Grace’s resources are nearly depleted and those of us around her are limited in how much financial support we can all provide. Her care costs $8,000 per month. So we are making this appeal for assistance to raise these vital funds. Grace has established a Trust to which you can contribute directly. The funds from this page will go directly to the trust.

Grace Lee Boggs World Anew

Boggs work as an author and human rights activist involved spans seven decades and multiple social movements including civil rights, women’s rights, and environmental issues. Her unique life was recently made into a feature-length documentary ‘American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs’:

Please consider making a donation to the Suppport Grace Lee Boggs fund.

For more about Grace Lee Boggs, check out the following recourses about the impact she has had:

The Chinese-American Woman Behind The Black Power Movement (MSNBC)

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