The joke is you, Gilbert Gottfried

gilbert gottfried

gilbert gottfried is an annoying scumbag

Remember the Japanese Tsunami that killed 20,000 people back in 2011 complete with terrifying videos of waters swallowing up people, villages and destroying everything in its path? Well, what we saw as a tragedy, Gilbert Gottfried saw punchlines.

Though these tweets may not be as racist as they are insanely-off-the-charts-vote-yes-on-death-penalty-insensitive, Gottfried deserves his own cramped studio with shared bathroom in hell for not just one insensitive tweet, but that squirrely dipshit tweeted about the Asian disaster multiple times. There’s many more than what you posted above.

When I saw one tweet, I was infuriated, but when I noticed he tweeted and tweeted and tweeted… and tweeted and tweeted, my fury began to dissipate. Each subsequent tweet made Gottfried come off more and more unaware, pathetic, and desperate for attention; as he was scratching, clawing, character by character to reclaim whatever level of self-worth he had in the past.

I envision that clammy little fuck huddled over his laptop, giggling and mumbling to himself, patting himself on the back, and waiting for affirmation from the Twitterverse as thousands of Japanese were dying.

Instead of affirmation, Gottfried got fired from his only consistent job: the voice of the AFLAC duck (everyone wins with that decision), went from being kinda-famous to really infamous transitioning smoothly from C-list celebrity to reviled human being (and no longer just for his “character’s” voice). Let’s also not forget that his name is still “Gilbert.” 

The jokes on you, Gilbert. Fuck you.

* As an aside, here’s an  interview with Gottfried about the whole situation. Like Darnell Dockett, Gottfried thinks he’s so ahead of the game; as if he was enlightened and focused on how the media spun it as if it was an experiment. I hate him even more. What a fucking prick.

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