Gif: dog attacks boy, cat attacks dog, cat chases dog away

Everything is awesome

Everything is awesome. I am not much of a dog-liking-cat-video-internet-meme-kind-of-guy, but this security video of a dog, a young boy and cat is legitimate. Check out this rad gif and video below:

Watch this security video of a kid in his driveway, minding his own business, and riding his tricycle in the dead heat of Bakersfrield, CA. Now watch as the neighbor’s dog sneaks up on him from behind, pulls him off his tricycle by his pant leg, and begins dragging him down the driveway.

As quick as that happens, a black cat darts onto the scene, and attacks the dog who runs away. The cat doesn’t stop there, once it gets its bearings, it chases the dog.

So in sum: dog sneak attacks boy. Cat fucks up dog. Boy is safe. Everything is awesome.

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