Can I connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously via Android phone?

Can I connect 2 bluetooth speakers at the same time

With a few Bluetooth speakers now in my possession (Jambox Classic, SoundBot shower speaker, and Bluetooth clock radio), I was curious to see whether I could connect (not pair, connect) all three speakers to my Samsung Galaxy S4 at the same time and play music through a custom, bandaged-together, low-end version of surround sound.

I was aware that Jambox allowed you to connect two speakers together through Bluetooth, so I was hopeful that it would work. According to Wired:

The ability to run two speakers as a stereo pair — so one speaker plays only the right channel while the other plays only the left — is a welcome feature. Other Bluetooth speakers (like the much-beloved UE Boom) have had this ability for around a year now, so it’s about time it came to the Mini Jambox. Pair the two units to each other wirelessly and choose the stereo playback option by pressing the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time on one of the speakers. Place the Mini Jamboxes five or ten feet apart, and you get some impressive-sounding stereo separation.

Unfortunately, I learned that the technology isn’t that widespread — that Jambox, specifically Mini Jamboxes, were one of the few units on the market that offered multiple connections.

After some more digging around — I’m surprised that there wasn’t much information available — I confirmed that multiple Bluetooth connections for the same purpose (to play music wirelessly from one’s phone) isn’t currently supported by Android.

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6 thoughts on “Can I connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously via Android phone?

  1. Do you have any documentation, did you code an app to pair the bluetooth devices? (if yes, can you guide me from the process that you follow, to start coding mine)

  2. I understand that INdiegogo has an app called Stream Loco which can connect power several bluetooth speakers from one device. I can’t find where to download it although I did see a video on Youtube that demonstrates it. Good luck. If you find any info please let me know.

    1. Oh, I’ll have to look into it. Also check out the next comment from Larry. I haven’t tried his method but if you have the chance, let us know if it works!

  3. 8-3-15

    Sorry but y’all are all incorrect. I listened to two “JBL Flip” Bluetooth speakers, playing stereo, from one Android cell phone, in the Verizon store 7+ months ago. I was told the free app to do this was avail on Google’s Playstore site. The “Stereo” quality at 40 ‘ of seperation was remarkable.

    Just to clarify….There was 1 phone, a Galaxy S5, and those two speakers. I already owned one, which by itself sounded great…but in Tandum, in the store….absolutely unbelievable.

    Hope this helps some of you out there because the speakers @ $120.00ea are not cheap…but there was no other hardware required. Oh yeah. It did take the salesman almost 6 or maybe 7 minutes to get both speakers working in true stereo…as left channel to one and right channel to the other.

    Good luck y’all. Sincerely….LogHouse Larry or as my closer friends call me.

    When I retired before long, I went back to college at 51 years old to obtain a Computer Science Degree. I was burned out on pc’s by that time but fortunately found another love. I became a Supplemental Instructor at the college for classes I had most unsuspectingly came to enjoy and love…Astronomy/Cosmology…my most recent loves in my life. With the exception of a new Bride… Near the end of this year.

    So happy Stereo Listening, pretty much where ever you are.

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