This is a photo of a really large crab climbing on a normal sized trash can

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I was in the pinchers of an internet rabbit hole last night when I came across this photo of a scary crabzilla climbing up a garbage can.

Being that I am easily-amazed by huge monsters and being that I was in my rabbit hole, I had to do some research on the photo –was this a huge, fucking crab, or a small fucking garbage can?

It turns out that this is most-likely a real photo of a enormous crab that can climb trees, eat kittens, and live on land (they’re too heavy for the ocean and would drown).

I learned everything that I needed to know about the coconut crab including wanting to see one before I die, or die trying while wearing my kitten jacket.

Re-live my rabbit hole by reading these articles on the coconut crab from Wired, Smithsonian Magazine, and this hilarious post on Reddit.

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