Habitual Holiday Hazelnut Hoarding

January 10, 2014 - Food

> I’m so obsessed with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s hazelnut lattes, that I purchase their hazelnut powder to try and recreate them at home.


My only problem?  CBTL (we’re close like that) only sells their Hazelnut powder during the holidays, so I have to hoard them come December.  Yes, I have to. What other choice do I have? Here’s infographic of my obsession, minus the infographic:

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Hazelnut powder


I’m posting this because I told myself I would put up a post once a day, but also in hopes that by showing the world my problem, that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will sell their hazelnut powder year round.

It’s also worth mentioning, since you’ve made it this far down the post, that I live in New York, so I have to rent out a junior studio just to store these. These are real problems.

[November 2015 Update: CBTL is selling their hazelnut powder in 22oz tins!]

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  1. @steuwart says:

    Mr. @thecoffeebean, plz make your hazelnut powder available year round and stop me from hoarding again http://t.co/gLgTM38fST

  2. Eden says:

    Some locations will be nice and sell you some of their supply in a bag. Just ask when you go. But some won’t.

  3. Cocitagilbert1 says:

    I completely lately agree with you. I wonder if we could find a company to crack their secret ingredients? It might even be cheaper for us in the long run

    • stuarte says:

      It’s weird that they don’t offer it. I just hoard every January. Luckily I get my hands on enough of them to last me until the following January. As a previous commenter said, I’m sure a friendly barista or two would sell you some… I’ve never tried, but I would if I ran out :)

  4. Yogo says:

    So what did you do with all those whisks?! I wish I had the money to hoard this manyT-T Unfortunately, my local CBTL will not sell the powder by itself. :( *so much sadness!*

    And did you end up using all the other powders?

    • stuarte says:

      Hi Yogo,

      Let’s just say I have too many whisks!
      I am able to hoard these gift powders because CBTL has a sale during the winter months. I believe it’s for 33% off. I make sure to buy most of them then and see if I can get them after the holidays when they go on sale for 50-75% off! I rarely ever buy them full price. Additionally, I sell the powders I don’t use — both Dutch and Dark chocolates on Craigslist. Sell them for about $3/piece. :))

  5. Yogo says:

    Oh, wow! Smart! BTW, I have great news for you!

    Inside scoop:

    CBTL is going to sell separate hazelnut canisters this holiday season! Finally!!! And also, they are coming out with a new holiday flavor: cookie butter! So no more buying sets! And you might be able to pre-order a set amount for yourself if you ask your local CBTL:-)

  6. […] these gift sets were only available from late-November to early-January so you would have to hoard them if you wanted to make your own hazelnut lattes and flavored iced coffees during the spring and […]

  7. […] order to get red velvet in the past, you would have to buy their HOLIDAY COCOA TRIO set of three different powders when ALL YOU WANT IS THE ONE RED VELVET TIN (or hazelnut). Not only can […]

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