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Say It: Caris LeVert is a big reason why Michigan basketball is successful

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Caris LeVert is a big reason why Michigan basketball has been successful this year. There, I said it. It needs to be said a lot more. 

When the media discusses the Michigan Wolverines, they usually bring up Nik Stauskas – the team’s leading scorer. Sometimes they’ll talk about Glenn Robinson III.

Hell, I think even Mitch McGary gets more press and he hasn’t even played in two months.

Where’s the love for Caris LeVert? LeVert should be included in any discussion of Michigan basketball this year. The wirey, jittery, slick 6-6 shooting guard is a versatile scorer.

LeVert can hit the three, midrange, create his own shot, and convert difficult shots at the basket. His versatility has been invaluable for the 16th ranked UM squad.

Caris Levert dribbles for Michigan Basketball

After showing flashes last year, LeVert has carved out his niche on the team with Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. moving on to the NBA.

The second year LeVert is second on the team in scoring (13.4), tied for second on the team for rebounds (4.5), leads the team in steals, and leads the team in free-throw shooting (82%). 

I liken LeVert’s play to that of a former Michigan guard of similar size and build – Jamal Crawford. I know LeVert is quiet guy, but his impact on the court speaks volumes. Now it’s time for the media to speak up on his behalf, he deserves it.

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