beet fried rice with crispy onions

I’m the ‘Beet Fried Rice’ king

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Lots of “firsts” since my move to the East Coast. After not having a car for the first time in 20 years, not having a microwave for the first time in 30 years is the next most jarring adjustment.

Without the digital heatbox, I’ve found myself having to be much more creative when mealtime comes around. Having to “cook” for myself, I’ve reverted to a more polished early-20s version of myself; basically my cooking involves throwing a bunch of available components together, applying “med” fire, and hoping it tastes good.

Other non-negotiables when I decide to cook? Minimal effort on my part and must be completed in ~30 minutes. Taste is optional. According to 4/7 of my taste buds, my most successful dish thus far has been my beet fried rice.

I came to this dish one day whenI decided to throw some extra beets into my rice cooker. And it actually came out with a flavor that I wanted to taste again.

beet fried rice

Beet Fried Rice // No, it’s not a misspelling of “beef”

Beet fried rice is now a dish that I look forward to making. I mince garlic and onions and throw it in with rice and water into my rice cooker. I start that sucker up, watch some reality television for 15 minutes, then I toss in the beets, cilantro, an egg, and soy sauce that sucker.

I finish the last 10 minutes of Pawn Stars, put it into a bowl, top it with crispy onions (I put crispy onions on everything) and voila! — what the fuck is that?!

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