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How to save voicemails to MP3 on Verizon

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What I Found Out Today: If you’re like me, then you have a healthy obsession with Jeremy Lin. On top of that, you’ve saved many of your funny voicemails.

Like me, you tire of having to re-save all your funny voicemails every 30 days or so. It only takes 3 minutes to re-save them all, but it’s annoying. If you’re anything like me, you don’t like being annoyed. I’m so glad we get along.

If you’re like me, you have Verizon. And sometime in the last couple years, Big Red disabled the ability for you to save your voicemails (via visual voicemail) as MP3s. Instead, they now recommend a third party company to get copies of your voicemail. Well, fuck that.

Being like me, you don’t want to pay $40 to save 10 voicemail messages. In fact, it would pain you immensely to dole out that money just so you can have your own voicemails. I feel your pain.

Record Voicemails / Save them as mp3s

As my doppelganger, you pride yourself on your resourcefulness; so you search the internet for other ways to archve your voicemails onto your computer.

You tried playing the voicemails on the speakerphone and recording with another phone (not bad), you tried connecting your phone via AUX cable and using the PC’s sound recorder (didn’t work), and then you tried recording your voicemails by playing them through your jambox (terrible).

I (we) finally came across a method that worked out well – recording your VMs via VOIP; playing your voicemail over Skype (or similar) and recording the audio with a recording program. Here’s how we did it:

1) Download and Install VOIP Program – the most popular VOIP service is Skype, but there are others like Vonage and Callcentric. With Skype you’ll have to purchase a $10 credit (at 2.3c a minute). As annoying as Skype can be, I already had that on my computer.

2) Download a Recording Program – Skype won’t let you natively record you phone calls, so you’ll have to find a recording software that will do that. I went with Pamela (free for 30 days, 15 minute time limit) and she worked out fine for this purpose.

3) Call Your Voicemail – Dial your phone number via Skype. Let it go to your voicemail. Press “#” when you hear your message. Enter your pin and “#”. During this step, the Pamela software pop-up will display, requesting to record the call. You’ll have 10 seconds to press “Yes”.

Pamela software records skype audio

You. Are. Now. Recording. Your. Voicemails.

Once you’re finished, Pamela will spit out your voicemail recordings into an MP3.

4) Find Your MP3 – When you’re finished, open Pamela up, right click on your recording file and select “open recording folder”. This will open up the folder where your voicemail MP3 is.

5) Replay Your Recording – Make sure everything sounds good. If it is, you’ve got MP3s of your voicemails!

The audio quality is really good considering. I am really happy with this solution. In any case, I suspect this would be the quality I would receive from any third party vendor. And this method should work with other carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Tip: To save you time, if you have less than 15 minutes of voicemails, copy all your voicemails into one large, continuous file and use a program like MP3cut to slice them up. That’s what I did, so you know it’ll work for you, being like me, as you are.

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  1. avatar
    Jenn says:

    Instead of Skype / pamela – I just decided to spend the $20 to use voice mails forever. I’d rather do it free but aint no body got time for that! :)

    It was very very simple, I was also able to save some of my sisters VMs too without having access to her phone. For the extra $10 it’s worth it

    1. avatar
      stuarte says:

      Clearly, I got time for that! If you’ve been saving your voicemails, then you probably have the time to figure out a free way of converting them and saving them without spending too much money.

    1. avatar
      stuarte says:

      Hey Al, if you have verizon, to check your voicemail from your own phone, you have to dial your own phone number. Once you do, you interrupt your “Hi this is Al, I’m away from my phone…” by pressing “#”. Then you should enter your voicemail pin number followed by another “#” to confirm pin. I hope that helps.

      1. avatar
        al frabetti says:

        Hey Al, if you have verizon, to check your voicemail from your own phone, you have to dial your own phone number. Once you do, you interrupt your “Hi this is Al, I’m away from my phone…” by pressing “#”. Then you should enter your voicemail pin number followed by another “#” to confirm pin. I hope that helps.
        there are different ways for example to press #: on a phone, on your pc desktop or perhaps somewhere in the skype web site…which one???

      1. avatar
        DJ says:

        Hi Stuarte, love your solution to save voicemails via Skype/Pamela, but it is true that Skype now has the numerical keypad disappear when the call is made. Any workaround for this, or is there a different Skype setting that I am overlooking?
        Thanks for any help you can offer.,

        1. avatar
          BAP says:

          Stuarte, thanks so much for these instructions! I am what I hope to be one step away from success, but I’m having trouble also with the dialpad in Skype. I make the call using the dialpad, the image of the phone appears on the screen in the middle, and then on the lower part of the screen I click the 3×3 (+1) grid of dots to bring up the dialpad. I click on the “#” and I cannot interrupt my message to get to voicemail. It just keeps playing my message. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! I’m crossing my fingers that it is something simple I am overlooking or missing.

          1. avatar
            BAP says:

            I figured it out. D’oh! I was having an issue with the dial pad tones not working in Skype. I figured out how to resolve the issue (luckily quickly) and the process of recording, as you indicated, was incredibly easy. Very cool. Thanks for sharing this process. I can’t stress enough how easy this was.

          2. avatar
            stuarte says:

            Hi BAP, how did you figure it out? I haven’t had a chance to test out the method lately. Can you share with us because it sounds like others were having the same trouble with the numerical pad.

        2. avatar
          stuarte says:

          Hi DJ, a commenter below (BAP) was having the same issue and was able to find a workaround. I’ve asked him to share his solution. Otherwise, I am planning on recording some voicemails using this method this weekend. Either way, you should have an answer to this by the end of the weekend.

  2. avatar
    joelle says:

    I am having difficulty with Pamela for Skype prompting me to begin recording once I hit #. Nothing pops up at all. I have tried closing down both apps, still nothing seems to have linked. Pamela also says its “offline”. I’m at a loss. Please help!

  3. avatar
    junior marbles says:

    It’s so easy to save your voicemail, and in full fidelity, and for free, if you have a GoogleVoice account:

    1. with a connecting cable, hook up any digital recorder (dictation recorder, Zoom, even an old GoPro will do) to the line-out/headphone jack of your computer.

    2. turn your recorder on

    3. call your Verison mailbox from that computer (once connected, usually # will get you into the mailbox menu)

    4. play the VM messages. They will be saved on the recorder in the format of your choice: MP3 (default), AIFF etc. You can then easily safe the files, burn the messages on a CD, or park it on your computer on iTunes.


    1. avatar
      stuarte says:

      Thanks Junior, but this post was created with those that had voicemails without Google Voice. Adding Google Voice after the fact doesn’t solve the problem, unfortunately.

      1. avatar
        juniormarbles says:

        I think you misunderstood my post: Verison mailbox and Google voice are not connected up here (though they can be, in a specific setup on GV). I am just using GV as “listening in” device, to retrieve / record Version voice mail messages

  4. avatar
    marto says:

    this was really helpful, thanks for publishing! super easy, worked great, and I can finally stop clicking save over and over on those cute voicemails from the kids

  5. avatar
    James says:

    Hi! I was very excited to try this, but pressing # symbol on skype keypad didn’t interrupt the voicemail as hoped. Any suggestions? I have combed through all the “settings” and “call” options on skype and I can’t find anything pertaining to the keypad. Many thanks for any help you can provide :)

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