red dawn movie motivates racist tweets

Humanity Has Fallen: ‘Red Dawn,’ ‘Olympus’ inspire racist tweets

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Olympus Has Fallen Inspires Racist Tweets against Asians

When it comes to motivations for racist violence, the case of Olympus Has Fallen and Red Dawn just may take the racist cake (NS;LX that came up on Google). It’s by far the most illogical and mind-boggling event.

I never thought a MOVIE would inspire nationalism to swell up so big and muscley (and apparently the brain to shrink in equal proportion), to the point that moviegoers would come out of the bargain matinee as if they naively soaked up propaganda from decades ago.

Guys and gals alike exited their local AMC after Olympus so pumped up by hate, that they wanted to punch, maim, and kill Asian people.

Well before they got to killing and maiming Asians, they first pulled out their mobile phones and tweeted about how they hated Asians and wanted to punch them.

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‘Gook’ is apparently making a comeback in 2013, that or racists are becoming more accurate with their Asian racial slurs (doubtful). I haven’t had “gook” yelled at me in nearly a decade which is a surprise because the ‘Red Dawn‘ remake came out last year. And boy, that movie didn’t do us Asians any favors either…

red dawn movie motivates racist tweets

Racist tweets after watching Red Dawn Todd McParlin Aaron Prado Eva Watson Wendy Gomez Joe Benning Kiel Pitzer

Phew! That’s a lot to take in. Sorry to be a bummer.

I know what you’re going to say, I’m Asian, and of course you’d expect me to say this, but… GUYS, THE MOVIE DIDN’T REALLY HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. It just didn’t really happen.

It’s not real. Jed’s real name is Chris Hemsworth. Speaker Bannon? His real last name is Freeman – as in Morgan Freeman, you know the guy that’s in every fucking movie. All the evil Asians? Most of them were probbbbbaly not North Koreans. They probably were American-born… well, Americans!

I know it’s tough to comprehend after their tense struggle on screen, but Rick Yune and Gerard Butler probably have each others’ contact information, and likely hugged each other at the wrap party.

A MOVIE. You hate Asians because OF A MOVIE. Not that it really matters, but I guess it’s worth mentioning at this point – neither Red Dawn or Olympus Has Fallen were even based on true stories. Just throwing that out there in case that somehow makes a difference.

Sigh. Of all the racist Twitter events, this is the most infuriating because of how open they are confirming/justifying their inner ignorant impulses. Seriously, humanity, what the fuck is going on?

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