No setting your iPad's default browser

Money Talks: No Setting Chrome As Default Browser on iPad

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No setting your iPad's default browser

Another reason to dislike Apple – they won’t allow you to set your iPad’s default browser; there isn’t even a setting available so you’re forced to use Safari when opening new links.

I’d like to use Chrome as my primary browser for many reasons, but to use my preferred browser, I have to either manually open the browser app or jailbreak my iPad.

A competitive business move by Apple that doesn’t serve their users. Google isn’t going away just because you’re making it difficult to use Chrome on your devices. This is an example of a short term competitive move that will eventually come back to hurt Apple in the long run.

And for you Apple Fan Boys, this is a problem because Apple line of thinking is that if they believe their product is superior, they’ll try to control your experience, and when it’s not, then they’ll give you a choice. Remember Apple Maps?

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