shirtless Chandler Parsons models buffalo

Chandler Parsons is shirtless, models for Buffalo

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You know Chandler Parsons, right? In addition to being an NBA player for the Houston Rockets and Jeremy Lin’s bestie, Parsons also looks like the 6-foot 10 inch member of One Direction.

For you older readers, One Direction is like the new N’Sync. For you GenX’ers, N’Sync is the new New Kids On the Block. 

And with those all-american good looks, the internet even more in a flutter recently when Parsons took off his Houston Rockets jersey and kinda, sorta put on shirt for a fashion shoot…

shirtless Chandler Parsons models BW piggyback

The shirtless Parsons will be featured in a marketing campaign for David Bitton’s Buffalo brand in which Parsons reps Buffalo Pro; an initiative targeting a more male demographic.The third year player posed for the photo shoot without shirt, with shirt, shirt partially on, and giving a piggy back ride to fashion model Ashley Sky.

Check out 9 photos I stole from the internet. Please keep your shrieking on low shrill.

The photographer did a great job making the 6-10 Parsons not look like the sultriest ogre ever as he posed next to the smaller 5-8 Sky.

Those 9 photos of Chandler Parsons modeling shirtless has been a big hit for the site. It’s inspired me to update this post with 9 more shirtless Chandy Parsons pics I borrowed from Google Images. If you’re a teenage girl or middle-aged gay man, please keep the fainting to a minimum.

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