Humanity Has Fallen: ‘Red Dawn,’ ‘Olympus’ inspire racist tweets

Olympus Has Fallen Inspires Racist Tweets against Asians

When it comes to motivations for racist violence, the case of Olympus Has Fallen and Red Dawn just may take the racist cake (NS;LX that came up on Google). It’s by far the most illogical and mind-boggling event.

I never thought a MOVIE would inspire nationalism to swell up so big and muscley (and apparently the brain to shrink in equal proportion), to the point that moviegoers would come out of the bargain matinee as if they naively soaked up propaganda from decades ago.

Guys and gals alike exited their local AMC after Olympus so pumped up by hate, that they wanted to punch, maim, and kill Asian people. Continue reading “Humanity Has Fallen: ‘Red Dawn,’ ‘Olympus’ inspire racist tweets”

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Asian(a) can’t drive

Twitter Monkey

When Asiana flight 214 crashed at San Francisco International Airport back in July, the ignorant Twitter monkeys came out to swipe at the low-hanging fruit.

Patting themselves on the back, they fed each other variations of “Asians can’t drive” jokes. Continue reading “Asian(a) can’t drive”

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