Why SEO for Infographics?

At Dreamforce 2013, I’ll be speaking on the relationship between infographics and SEO in a session called “Marketing with Infographics for Fun and Profit.”

I’ll be going over alot of information in my 10 minutes on stage, so I thought it would be beneficial to break down the content of my slides into individual blog posts to be referred to later on.

There are three parts to my presentation – why SEOs love infographics, why infographics need SEO, and how to optimize infographics for SEO. In this blog post, I’ll expand on why infographics need search engine optimization.

Humans see infographics
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Why Infographics for SEO?

I’ll be presenting at this year’s Dreamforce at a session called Marketing with Infographics for Fun and Profit.

Speaking alongside Dave Austin, Andrew Melchior and Chris Bennett, we’ll discuss the many facets of infographics. I’ll be covering the relationship between Infographics and SEO and I decided to break down the information of my 10 or so slides into blog posts. Here’s the first one…

Infographics for SEO and Social

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