LOL: Jeremy Lin & Co. Whoop It Up On the Bench

In a blowout win over the Utah Jazz, Lin and company had a blast watching the bench players hit three after three after three. James Anderson. Donatas Motiejūnas. Marcus Morris.  Boom. Pow. Pow.

Jeremy Lin with the three glasses

At one point the Rocket’s lead hit 50 points. Eeek. LOL that Jeremy Lin is so playful and goofy.

Listen, I’m going to make a joke here, and I want everyone to know that I love Jeremy Lin, but maybe Jeremy Lin could use those “three glasses” when he’s actually on the court?


Seriously though, you’re shooting 29% from behind the arc – it couldn’t hurt.

And look at Chandy Parsons – what’s wrong with that dude’s shoulders?

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Please accept my apology, and this picture of Jeremy Lin hugging a yellow bag

I’m so sorry to have been out of touch for so long. I know I didn’t write, or type, or call, or text, and I apologize. It’s just that Jeremy Lin had been playing like shit, the Rockets were losing, and I withdrew.

It’s not fair to you that I take it out on you and I recognize that. Thank you for not shaming me. Will you forgive me if I show you a picture of Jeremy Lin laying on the floor and hugging a big yellow bag?


There. If I could go back in time and do better, I would, but isn’t this a pretty fucking good replacement for reconciling hurt feelings? I mean it’s Jeremy Lin on the floor hugging a fucking garbage bag. What I would give to be that yellow garbage bag.

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