Jeremy Lin getz lotz of weird giftz from fanz (FACT)

Yo, Jeremy Lin gets a lot of weird gifts from his fans. He recently posted a photo collage of some of the things he receives in the mail onto his Facebook page.

Looks like he got some framed t-shirts, a blanket with his face on it, and I’m relieved to know that JLin received the teddy bear I sent him. I wonder if he recognized the scent of “Someday” I sprayed on the bear’s nether regions?

Jeremy Lin getz giftz from fanz

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Pic: Jeremy Lin dribbles, surveys, beez awesome in Rocket red

Why do I like the things that I like?  I don’t know, but I like this pic. Jeremy Lin with his new clean cut hairdo, dribbling and surveying in his Houston Rockets red jersey.

Jeremy Lin surveys and dribbles

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