Jeremy Lin highlights vs. Cleveland Cavs (20 pts, dude)

Jeremy Lin hit three THREES tonight and scored 20 points, 15 in the first half, against Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavs. If you want to see the highlights, then hit the play button, DUDE.

Lin also contributed 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 turnovers, and 1 steal… only because he wanted to, DUDE. Jeremy Lin does what. ever. he. wants. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin highlights vs. Cleveland Cavs (20 pts, dude)”

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Jeremy Lin’s nasty bump and stitches in head (with Pics!)

Jeremy Lin returns to Bucks game with 5 stitches

Jeremy Lin got hurt last night in a head-on (HA) collision with Larry Sanders in the third quarter vs. the Milwaukee Bucks – Lin came back to the game in thre fourth with renewed vigor, a nasty looking bug-laid-eggs-in-my-head bump  and five stitches to his head. Yowzers!

See a gallery of all of Jeremy Lin’s head wounds!

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