I like the Houston Rocket’s Red & Yellow Jerseys

Maaaaaaaaaaaan, I like the Rocket’s red & yellow home jerseys a lot. They need to be bringing these jerseys out more as they did last night against the Hawks. I dig these so much more than the boorrrrrrrring white and red ones.  Will someone do something about my wants and needs?!

Jeremy Lin lays the ball up against Al Horford last night (Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets)Jeremy Lin drives against Joe Jenkins vs. the Atlanta Hawks v Houston RocketsJeremy Lin hits Zaza Pachulia on his way to the hoop against the Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets

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LOL: Jeremy Lin, James Harden, & Carlos Delfino Comic

Why wouldn’t an NBA team want to have more players with Asian backgrounds? At the risk of generalizing, it comes with some tech-savvy fans with the propensity for making cute shit. And FAST.

Exhibit A is this ridiculous big-headed comic after last night’s Atlanta Hawks game where James Harden, Carlos Delfino, and that Jeremy Lin guy each had strong games.

Lin Harden Delfino Cartoon

LOL. CUTE. LOL. CUTE. LOL. RIDIUCLOLS. Continue reading “LOL: Jeremy Lin, James Harden, & Carlos Delfino Comic”

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Video: Jeremy Lin blocks Josh Smith

Here’s a little video of Jeremy Lin coming up from behind Josh Smith and BLOCKING THAT MF SHIT. ARF! WOOF! BOOYAH! It’s featured as NBA.com’s Block of the Night.

Lin also gathered the rebounds, left it off for Carlos Delfino (weird looking dude, that Delfino), who finds Marcus Morris under the rim for the slamma jamma ding dong. Lin ended the night with two blocks.

Check out full Jeremy Lin video highlights against the Hawks here.

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