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I rushed out of work early to catch the latest Knicks game at a downtown restaurant that actually had NBATV (more difficult than expected). The first three quarters weren’t pretty – the Knicks were playing like shit.

The fourth quarter was different; the Knicks stormed back from 12 down, eventually tying the score at 87 when Lin converted a very difficult three point play. That play caused Randy and I to look at one another and just smile, kind of saying “Wow, is this for real?”

Little did we know that was just the warm up. After the Raptors missed on the ensuing play, the score still tied at 87. Iman Shumpert would miss a 16-foor bank shot, one that Tyson Chandler would rebound and pass out to Lin with roughly 18 seconds remaining.

No timeout. Lin wound the clock down, took a few measured dribbles, and would hit the game-winning three. That shot propelled Randy and I out of our seats, laughing and looking at one another in disbelief.

Knicks would win 90-87. That game was Jeremy Lin’s 5th NBA start, and it was the Knicks’ 6th straight victory. Linsanity.

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