Jeremy Lin Forces National Discussion on Asian Americans

Jeremy Lin NY Daily News Kobe WhoAs Asian Americans who grew up playing basketball, my sister and I have a keen interest in the Jeremy Lin phenomenon. We identify with Lin in many ways, so we’ve found ourselves deeply-invested in his journey — so much so, that we cheer for him as if he were a part of our family.

Recently we went to the local pub to watch the Knicks take on the New Jersey Nets. We sat down next to an Asian family, who was also there to watch Jeremy Lin.

As the game went on, a man at the bar began cheering for the Nets. He exploded with a “YES!” and clapped intensely each time the Nets made a big play or went on a run. He ended up cheering a lot that night — it was clear that the Nets had the momentum and the Knicks couldn’t find a flow.

The Knicks would ultimately fall to the Nets, a disappointing loss after their triumph over the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks – a game that was nationally-televised the previous day.

Right as the game ended, the Nets fan stood up from the bar, faced our tables, and blurted out, “You chinks can’t win two straight!” before turning and walking toward the front door. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin Forces National Discussion on Asian Americans”

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