Every so often, I get inspired to write about a topic I feel passionately about. I wanted a vehicle to talk about those subjects without handing them over to Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Quora or Yelp.  I want to own the content, but didn’t want to create and maintain a website for all my interests – that just wasn’t sustainable (as fun as it was).

So you’ll find a wide-range of topic on this site.

In addition to interests and subjects I feel strongly about, I also wanted a site to create content for SEO and testing purposes. I am constantly searching for the answers to fleeting questions that I have throughout the day, so I decided that if i can’t find a sufficient answer online, I’ll create content around it and see how well that resonates with the search engines and social media.

(That’s why you’ll find posts on dishwandsbeet fried rice, saving voicemails as MP3s, and a shirtless Chandler Parsons)

And maintaining this blog is a challenge to discipline myself to sit down, think and write at least once a day. Sometimes, the topics come easy, but other times it forces me to really dig deep… and that’s a good thing. At the very least, I’ll become a better writer with the more practice (I apologize for all spelling errors and all the grammatical quirks).

I’ve also written for other publications (some of which I’ve reposted on this site). Here’s a few:

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