Data suggests Virgin America is consistently faster than competition

March 17, 2015 - Travel

I don’t have much loyalty when it comes to airlines; the lowest fare usually gets my business.

That’s not to say I don’t have my airline preferences. With all things equal, I would never go with Frontier Airlines and would rarely choose Spirit due to their hidden-in-plain-sight baggage fees.

On the other side, if ticket prices are within range of one another and Virgin America and Cathay Pacific are available, I’ll pay extra (a little extra) to fly with them.

Specifically, Virgin America stands out. With their modern terminals, neon interiors, intuitive technology, funky safety videos and reasonable prices, they stand out as my domestic carrier of choice.

And apparently, Virgin is the Michael Jordan of Airlines. Five Thirty-Eight released their fastest airlines interactive graphic and by their measure Virgin America was faster than its competition on 87 percent of the routes they had in common.

In head-to-head comparisons with common routes, Virgin came out on top with an 87 winning percentage. Sometimes it was comical how they beating down both larger carriers (Virgin defeated United 50-2) as well as fellow low-cost carriers (15-1 vs. Jetblue and 14-2 against Southwest) as if they were the Washington Generals.

Airlines flight comparisons

Not sure if Southwest is still considered the darlings of the airline industry, but their pathetic winning percentage in this comparison (34%) shows that maybe their time has past? I haven’t flown Southwest in some time after flying them often many years ago; their prices seemed to have increased steadily over the years.

In any case, Virgin America continues to set the bar high while keeping their prices competitive.

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