What is Stephen Curry’s ethnicity and race?

December 5, 2015 - Basketball / Race

Even if you’re not an NBA fan, there’s no escaping Stephen Curry. If he isn’t already, Curry is quickly becoming a household name.


Already anointed as the best shooter by several of the NBA’s legendary shooters, this season climbing the mountain as the top dog in the NBA and discussions about his being one of the greatest players in history.

With all the current and future exposure, there are, and will be many (including me) curious about his ethnicity and background. With Steph Curry’s light skin and light brown/hazel eyes, it’s not a surprise that Curry’s race and nationality are being Googled often. And though the most queries are around African-American and white/Caucasian, there are also searches asking if Curry is Mexican, part-Haitian, or half-Filipino.


So yes, there’s some confusion out there. Like others (including Kevin Durant), I assumed that Curry wasn’t full African-American — not for any other reason than based on his complexion.

Specifically, I thought that Curry was mixed race — half-black and half white. I was wrong in that assumption. A post I wrote at Interbasket goes into, what went into Steph Curry including his parent’s background and how the Curry siblings (Seth and Sydel) identify as far as their race is concerned. Give it a read: http://www.interbasket.net/news/18864/2015/11/stephen-curry-race-mixed/


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  1. catharine carpenter says:

    He IS mixed-race. There’s no denying it. In fact, he looks more white than black.

  2. Jackie B says:

    Steph is NOT mixed, Catherine. Click and read the article linked, and you will see that his sister confirms this on Twitter.

  3. Jay Jay says:

    He’s NOT Creole, Caucasian or Haitian. Just African American. His mom never said she’s mixed, someone on that NBA Website made that up and the lies spread. He’s black. His sister Sydel confirms it too.

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